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5 Signs Your Home Needs to be Pressure Washed

Pressure washing needs

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of having your residence pressure washed on a regular basis. However, you might not be aware of when exactly you need to have it done. That is why we've broken down the most common signs that your home is in desperate need of a good wash. Read on to learn more.

Surfaces Look Unkempt And Dirty

One of the most obvious signs that you need a good pressure washing is if your home's exterior looks dirty and disheveled. Over time, your home will naturally accumulate dirt and grime on its exterior, and if you let it go unattended, your home may look much older than it actually is.

There Are Prominent Stains

It's one thing for an entire surface to look unkempt and dirty, but you know there's a problem when you start to see large, prominent stains, especially in harder surfaces like concrete and pavement. These stains usually mean that the grime has seeped deep into the core of the surface and settled in there. This will require extensive pressure washing to ensure all the impurities are drawn out and removed permanently.

You See Bug Nests And Webs

Insects love to make their homes in areas that don't have a lot of human contact. You'll usually find nests and webs in areas such as your deck, your patio, along your gutters, and other nooks and crannies around your property. These nests can sprout up quickly throughout the year, but when you start to notice too many of them dominating your property, it's time to bring in the pressure washers.

Your Gutters Are Clogged

Gutters are meant to collect water and drain it away from your home's foundation. However, they cannot accomplish this if they're filled with debris such as twigs and leaves. When you notice your gutters not performing their essential duties, it's most likely because they're packed with all kinds of debris that need to be removed as soon as possible with a good gutter cleaning.

Your Roof Is Discolored

Your roof is especially prone to all kinds of fungus, bacteria, vegetation, and other growths. Left unattended, this dirt and grime can create discoloration in your roofing materials. In some instances, these odd colors are indicators of a potentially harmful growth such as mold, which can seep into your home and possibly cause harm to you and your family. Do not hesitate to contact a pressure washing service to address this problem sooner rather than later.

Hydro Clean Environmental Will Pressure Wash Your Home Like No Other

If you notice any of the aforementioned signs that your home is in need of a good pressure washing, then make sure to reach out to Hydro Clean Environmental today. We've been delivering top-quality pressure washing services to the Beaverton and Lake Oswego region for years. With our time-tested strategies and methods, dedicated personnel, and an arsenal of commercial-grade equipment, we'll make sure your home will look as good as new.


If you think it's time for your Beaverton home to be Pressure washed, then please call 503-793-1099 or complete our online request form.